What are the sanitary measures during shows?
  1. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 : stay home.
  2. Procedural mask is mandatory at all times when you are not seated in your seat
  3. Bar service will now be offered. Beverages should be consumed while seated in your seat only.
  4. Please respect social distancing measures at all times and follow all signage and guidelines.
  5. We will provide hand washing stations for your use upon entering the venue.
  6. Seats will be disinfected between shows.
  7.  As required by the Government of Quebec, anyone over the age of 13 must present a valid vaccination passport in the form of a QR code (which confirms adequate protection against COVID-19) to gain access to the venue. 

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Do I have to be 18 to gain entry into MTELUS?
Minors are admitted to MTELUS, as we have an amphitheatre permit rather than a bar licence. However, you could be asked for an identification card in order to purchase alcoholic beverages. Moreover, any minor discovered consuming alcohol will be evicted from the premises immediately.
Can we smoke in the concert halls?

No. The law prohibits smoking in public spaces. The public is asked to refrain from smoking, except outside during intermission.

What should I do if I have lost something while attending a show?

Please email us at [email protected] and provide us with a brief description of the item in question, specify the date of the loss, and provide us with your contact details so that we can reach you.

Do the venues offer access and appropriate services for physically challenged persons?

Yes. All our venues, except the M2 (MTELUS), are equipped with ramps, toilets and removable seats for handicapped access. For any questions on accessibility, we invite you to contact the personnel of the venue, who can offer you all the information you need.

Is there an elevator to access the balcony?

No. If this was to cause a problem, specific measures would be taken to allow you to attend the show all the same.

Are there obstacles blocking the view in the venue?

No. The view is excellent from wherever you choose to stand or sit.

What is the capacity of the venue?

MTELUS has a maximum capacity of 2 300.

Can we see a seating plan?

No. Please note that MTELUS is a general admission venue and follows the policy “first come, first served”.

Are backpacks allowed inside the venue?

Backpacks are accepted, but they will all be searched. The security reserves a right of inspection and in all eventualities, there is a coat check at $3


How do I find which cities an artist will be visiting?
To find out if an artist will be playing in Canada, the Admission website will most probably have the information you’re looking for. If not, you can also find useful information on Pollstar and Ticketmaster Canada.
How do I verify a concert rumour?

The person behind the ticket window is your best source. However, you should know that until a producer sends a press release to the various media, concert venues are unable to give any information.

How do I find the date when concert tickets will go on sale?

Show dates are announced in the media, and the dates when tickets will go on sale is announced at the same time. Ticket sellers don’t have privileged information in this regard. They learn the ticket sale dates at the same time as the media.

How can I know the duration of a show?

We often receive this information a couple of days before or the same day of the event. You can call the venue’s box office the day of the show for more information.

Can I use a camera or video camera at MTELUS?

Cameras and video cameras are prohibited in all venues operated by L’Équipe Spectra.


Why are there additional charges when I buy tickets through the Admission/Ticketmaster network?

Because the Admission network offers a distribution service, and electronic and telephone sales services for a number of venues. The service charge of approximately $5 to $10 is reduced to $3 if you purchase your tickets directly from the box office.

How do I get tickets?
  • At the box office of each of L’Équipe Spectra’s venues.
  • By telephone through the Admission network at 1 855 790-1245.
  • Online through the Ticketmaster network at www.ticketmaster.ca
  • At all Ticketmaster outlets – see the list of points of sale at www.ticketmaster.ca or call 1 855 790-1245.
Can I get an unlimited access pass or VIP tickets?

No. We do not sell or give away these types of tickets. Please read our Newsletter or consult the website of the group or artist you wish to see to stay informed about contests or other promotions.


Required by the Government of Quebec

 As required by the Government of Quebec, anyone over the age of 13 must present a valid vaccination passport in the form of a QR code (which confirms adequate protection against COVID-19) to gain access to the venue. 

  • Ticket holders who are unable to present a valid vaccination passport will not be admitted in the venue. 
  • A photo ID issued by a ministry, public body or educational institution will also be required 
  • For more information on the vaccination passport, please visit the official website of the Government of Quebec.